• 1. Cost of the air transport?

  • Price depends on final destination, weight, volume, kind of goods, urgency and lots of other factors. There are several kinds of air transport. It is up to you which kind you will choose. Price is quoted according to chargeable weight. Necessary information can be obtained by calling tel/fax: +381 11 228-6141, tel/fax: +381 11 209-7715 or  filling out the request form.

  • 2. How to transport your pets by air?

  • Veterinary certificate issued by competent veterinary authorities.

    Vaccine confirmation not older than 7 days.

    Import permit for countries which request the same (you can get that information from your receiver on final destination).

    It is also necessary to provide adequate cage for air transport. Air freight charges are quoted according to actual weight or according to dimensions of the cage (look into the chapter “chargeable weight”). The price also depends on final destination. Information can be obtained calling Tel/Fax: +381 11 228-6141 or Tel/Fax: +381 11 209-7715.

    NOTE:  There are some species of dogs which are forbidden for air transport.

  • 3. Perishable and temperature sensitive shipments?

  • All necessary information can be obtained calling Tel/Fax: +381 11 228-6141 and Tel/Fax: +381 11 209-7715 or  filling out the request form.

  • 4. Organization of air transport and prices for import shipments?

  • Cargo agents are involved in this subject. We have excellent agent/forwarding relations with agents all around the world.

  • 5. How to track your shipments?

  • You need to enter AWB number on corresponding web site of airline carrier, or on unified search engine provided by Cargo Tracking Utopiax.

  • 6. What is “chargeable weight”?

  • It is measure expressed in kg(kilograms), and is used in air freight charges calcualtions. Volume of the shipment (ratio 1:6) is taken as a base. In other words, total volume expressed in cm3 is divided by 6000. If the result is higher then actual weight of the shipment, then we take that result for quotation, not the actual weight. If the result is lower, then we take actual weight to quote air freight charges.


    5 packages totalling 100 kg, each one having dimensions 60x50x50cm.


    5*60*50*50 = 750000cm3 (0,75 m3)

    750000/6000 = 125 kg – 125 kg is a base for a quotation.

    In a case of smaller packages, for example: 5/40x30x30 calculation will be as follows:

    5*40*30*30 = 180000 cm3/6000 = 30/kg.

    In that case, we would take the actual weight for a quotation of air freight charges. We recommend you to pay attention on packing of your shipment, and to make sure it is the optimal one. That way, you are decreasing the total costs of air transport, and you are making your goods more competitive considering the price.

  • 7. Which kind of packing is obligatory for air transport?

  • For general cargo there is no any special kind of package which must be used. It is needed only to pack your shipment in such a way which ensures that it is safe for air transport. Package must be solid enough, and of good quality, so it can bear manipulation on departure, transit and arrival airports. It is in your best interest to have a package of good quality. For special cargo, it is necessary to provide a special package. Substances which are declared as “dangerous goods ” for transport (DGR) must be packed in attested packaging marked with sign UN ICAO.

  • 8. Terms of delivery "Incoterms"?

  • A table with the explanations of  Incoterms  can be found on the page  Documents.

  • 9. Import/export custom clearance information, necessary documentation?

  • All necessary information can be found on the website  Uprave Carina.

  • 10. Consolidated transport?

  • Al necessary information can be obtained by  filling out the request form.